音标: [əˈlʊr]
释义:魅力,诱惑力,吸引力 the power of irresistible attraction
Synonyms: attraction, lure, draw

Something that has allure is powerfully attractive and tempting. A career in Hollywood might have great allure to a teenager who loves acting.

You’ve probably noticed that allure contains lure, from the German word luder meaning “bait.” A well-made lure is so alluring to a fish that it won’t notice the hook. First used in the 15th century, this word has even landed its own fashion magazine — Allure, which tries to tempt people to buy it by putting powerfully attractive people on the cover and hoping you’ll believe that if you buy it, you’ll have some allure as well.

She don’t get the allure of this place.

I find her extremely alluring.

It means alluring, exciting, a woman of the world.

A woman’s leg in a silk stocking can be quite alluring.

I found that alluring.