音标: [ɔːˈdeɪʃəs]
释义:大胆的,大胆创新的,鲁莽的 showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks
Synonyms: bold, daring, fearless

This adjective is very bold — if you are audacious, you are daring and unconventional!

The adjective audacious comes from the Latin word audacia and means “daring, boldness, courage,” and often gets applied in situations where someone does something pretty unusual, like becoming an astronaut and going to the moon. It can also mean challenging conventions and doing things that most people don’t do, such as when Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman in the United States to become a doctor. Blackwell then inspired Elizabeth Garrett Anderson to become the first female doctor in England. And the rest is history!

I think you will all agree that it was a most audacious plan… brilliantly executed.

Be audacious.Just rewrite the whole damn thing.

So we got to be audacious.

None can predict the outcome of this audacious venture to the very stars.