Automatically update Searxng every 6 hours

Searxng gets updated very frequently, sometimes several times a day. Manually updating it can be tiring and cumbersome. This script below can automatically update searxng. Then in crontab, set it to run the update script every 6 hours.

Create a new file named, and put the following content in it.


# update searxng
cd /usr/local/searxng/searxng-src/

# Use echo command and pipe to auto input 2 and enter
echo "2" | sudo -H ./utils/ instance update

# override searxng.png logo
cd /usr/local/searxng/searxng-src/searx/static/themes/simple/img
cp 3.png searxng.png

run chmod +x to change the permission

run crontab -e and add the line
0 */6 * * * /root/ .

The bash script will run every 6 hours.