音标: [ˈfledʒlɪŋ]
释义: 初出茅庐的,(刚学会飞的)幼鸟,无经验的,羽毛刚丰的

A fledgling is a fuzzy baby bird just learning to fly, or someone (like a baby bird) who’s brand new at doing something.
If you’re not talking about a baby bird, fledgling is often used as an adjective describing a new participant in something, like a fledgling senator still learning the ropes of how to legislate, or a fledgling drama program trying to build audiences for its plays. It can also mean inexperienced and young, like the fledgling photographer for the school paper who accidentally erases all the pictures. If you’re British, spell it fledgeling if you like, both spellings are correct.

Well, you can forget about your fledgling career

Turning his back on his former profession, Malkovich had to start from scratch and pay his dues all over again as a fledgling puppeteer.