音标: [ləˈθɑrdʒɪk]

When you feel lethargic, you’re sluggish or lacking energy. Being sleepy or hungry can make anyone lethargic.

Being lethargic makes it hard to get anything done: you feel weak and sleepy. Whatever the reason, a lethargic person needs to snap out of it and get some energy, maybe by eating something or by taking a nap. Being lethargic also goes well with watching TV, since that takes almost no energy at all. When you feel lethargic, you don’t have any energy to spare.

Pure Attitude 47 described you as " lethargic and uninspiring" and, uh…

He’s just lethargic as can be

The British dorm’s so lethargic.Will you let me?

Yeah, in dolphin terms, yes, she’s lethargic…not interacting, uh, refusing her food for the most part.

That kind of thing’s so lethargic to me.