释义: When something is meaningless or insignificant because it is so little, it’s negligible .

marginal: 指处于边缘,幅度、范围小,故价值或重要性不大。
minor: 多指与别的比较后显得不重要,或指较少、较小。
negligible: 指数量小,不重要,微不足道或可忽略不计。
minimal: 指最少、最低或最小。

My knowledge of German is negligible.

There is a negligible difference in meaning between these two words.

The amount of energy stored in all the fossil fuel on earth is negligible compared to the amount that the sun dispenses every day, free of charge.

My contribution to the effort was negligible , needless to say, and it took nearly an hour to complete the job.

He is a negligible person in the government.

The difference between your wages and mine is negligible.

Height difference is negligible.

Why can’t we just trust the original… Doctor, both the IMC Board and the SI team carefully reviewed the material… and concluded that the design impact is negligible.

What for you is a small fortune is for me negligible.