音标: [əˈnʌl]
释义:宣布无效,取消,使消失,抹去 Declare invalid, cancel officially
Synonyms: repeal, reverse, rescind

When a celebrity wakes up in Las Vegas with a mysterious wedding ring on her finger, the first thing she’ll probably want to do is annul the marriage. That will declare it invalid and officially cancel the whole deal.

Annul, which means “to cancel” or “to invalidate,” is usually used in the context of politics or marriage. New government officials often want to annul laws and policies of the previous post-holder, effectively reversing their work. When you annul a marriage, you are officially declaring it invalid, as if it never happened. In the case of the unfortunate celebrity marriage, however, it could be difficult to completely erase all record of the event — especially if the tabloids hear about it.

I have no choice but to annul this marriage.

Objection. She’s not his wife. The marriage was annulled.

you want to get this whole thing annulled

We’re gonna get it annulled. Trust me, it’s all good.