音标: [ˈɑrtləs]
释义:朴实的,单纯的,自然的,不做作的,淳朴的;拙劣的 without guile or deception
Synonyms: candid, direct, forthright

Yes, artless could mean lacking in art, but more often it means lacking in superficiality or deceit. An artless person could never make a living as a con artist.

Originally meaning “unskillful” or “uncultured,” artless evolved into meaning not skilled or cultured in the art of deceit. If you are artless, you are natural and uncontrived. Young people, animals, the socially inept — these can all be artless in the way they express themselves. They seem to mean exactly what they say.

All right, so his plan was a little artless.

I used to be like you, once, you know. Naive, artless,innocent.

That box is artless commerce. I won’t be a party to it.

I would not put it so artlessly, but… yes.