ChatGPT最佳实践(完整版)02.pdf (2.7 MB)



@Chatbot 总结下这个帖子里链接的内容

Sure, @Tristan. Here’s a summary of the contents found in the links you provided:

  1. ChatGPT最佳实践(完整版)02.pdf: This is a PDF attachment. Unfortunately, I’m unable to review its contents as I can’t open it directly.

  2. How to Write High-Quality Prompt: This is a guide on how to write high-quality prompts. It might contain tips and methods useful in prompt engineering.

  3. This is the Twitter link of a user named dotey.

  4. This looks like a guide or a platform related to prompting in AI.

  5. Github repo: Awesome-chatgpt-prompts-zh: This is a GitHub repository probably containing a list or collection of prompts for ChatGPT in the Chinese language.

  6. Github repo: Prompt-patterns: This is another GitHub repository, probably discussing certain patterns to use when creating prompts in AI.

Please manually check these links for more accurate information as these are just guessed based on the URLs provided.