音标: [ˈrendər]
释义:to cause someone or something to be in a particular condition使成为,使变得,造成,致使,粉饰,渲染;
to give something to someone or do something, because it is your duty or because someone expects you to 提供,给予,报答,归还;
to express or present something in a particular way 表达;
render into English 翻译
to melt the fat of an animal as you cook it 将[脂肪]熬成油,使融化

render up 放弃,交出
render a verdict 作出裁决

Render is a synonym of make — technically it means “cause to become.” An illness might render you unable to walk, or a shocking site might render you speechless.

Another basic meaning of the verb render is to give, present, or perform something: you could render assistance to someone in need, for example. And a specialized sense is to formally declare a verdict in a court case. Render derives from the Latin verb reddere, “to restore,” from the prefix re-, “back,” plus dare, “to give.”

It is your mission to render her contrite and selfdenying.

An enemy that will render your arsenals useless… your armies powerless… and your nations defenseless.

  • Really? - To make soap, first we render fat.

You must try and render any assistance you can.