词性:n. v.
音标: [stem]

A stem is a plant’s stalk, and it’s also a verb meaning “grow out of.” So roses have stems, and your idea to give roses to your mom for her birthday stems from her love of flowers.

A stem can be the central root of a word, the supporting structure of a plant, or the thin, cylindrical part of a glass goblet. When one thing stems from something else, it originates or begins growing there: “His vegetarianism stems from his love of animals.” An older meaning of the verb is “stop the flow of something,” as in “Stem your nosebleed with this tissue!” or “Some people think streetlights will stem the graffiti on that street.”

stem from something 源于,来自,由…引起
from stem to stern船尾 从头到尾

Why are you eating stem first?

And I watched Yellow Hawk take a knife and cut Billy from stem to stern.

Your son has brain stem syndrome.

Yes, how much for a hundred long-stemmed red roses?

And I realized that it-it all stemmed from one thing.

Every single person is so happy and so grateful to be there and I think it really stemmed from him.

This belief stemmed from early exposure to sad British pop music… and a total misreading of the movie The Graduate.