stymie the spread of coronavirus
stymie sth/sb with sth


The verb stymie means to obstruct or hinder. Constantly texting with your friends will stymie your effort to finish your homework.

Stymie was first used on the golf course in Scotland, where it referred to an opponent’s ball blocking your own ball’s path to the cup. From there a verb sense developed, until finally stymie came to mean blocking with any obstacle, not just a golf ball.

【阻碍词汇】1. retard 阻止;妨碍;

  1. check 制止;抑制;

  2. hinder 阻碍;打扰;

  3. impede 阻碍;妨碍;

  4. arrest 阻止;

  5. balk 阻止;推诿;

  6. obstruct 妨碍;阻塞;

  7. stymie 阻挠;阻碍;

  8. stem 阻止;

  9. stunt 阻碍…正常生长;

  10. cumber 阻碍,妨害;

  11. forestall 先发制人; ​