释义: 戒[酒],弃权,避免
Synonyms: refrain, desist, hold back

Restrain oneself from doing or enjoying something.
If you abstain from something, you restrain yourself from consuming it. People usually abstain from things that are considered vices — like eating French fries every day for lunch.

Roots of the word abstain are from the 14th-century French, “to withhold oneself,” and the word often refers to people who hold themselves back from indulging in habits that are bad for them, physically or morally. Abstain can also mean to withhold a vote, and sometimes a difficult decision is stalled when government representatives abstain from voting one way or another.

Let’s vote again, and I’ll abstain.

Would you be able to abstain from alcohol for two weeks?

I think you’re making a wise decision to abstain from the job.