音标: [ˌremɪˈnɪsnt]

If your uncle tells you that your outfit is reminiscent of the way your mother dressed when she was young, it means your clothes remind him of your mother. Hopefully that doesn’t mean your mother is still dressing you.

Reminiscent traces back to the Latin for “remember.” If a house is reminiscent of your childhood home, it makes you remember your childhood home. Reminiscent can have a good or bad implication. If you tell someone that her paintings are reminiscent of a chimp’s finger paintings, obviously that’s not so good. But if you tell her that they’re reminiscent of Dali, well that might be better.

In some manner, he was reminiscent of my father.

Elliot’s exam was frighteningly reminiscent of when my older brother beat the crap out of me.

In scenes more reminiscent of North Ireland or America… guns appear on the streets of the capital.

Wall Street panicked when stock prices appeared to tumble at a rate reminiscent of the Black Tuesday crash.

One expert tells me this has features reminiscent of the Aztecs.