音标: [ænˌtæɡəˈnɪstɪk]

antagonistic to/towards

If you’re antagonistic, you’re hard to get along with. Harmony is not your friend — you prefer hostility and struggle.

If you’re antagonistic to your little brother, you’re always picking on him and giving him a hard time — causing him agony — a word that’s buried in antagonistic. Even drugs or chemicals can be antagonistic: if you take a sleeping pill and then follow it with a few cups of espresso, the interaction is likely to be antagonistic. The sleeping pill and the caffeine struggle against each other and you’re not likely to get much sleep.

l’m a dumb, antagonistic drunk who fought this from day one.

Quite frankly you’ve been completely antagonistic to me from the second I walked in that door.

Well, that seems needlessly antagonistic.