词性: v. n.
音标: [ˈoʊvərhɔːl , ˌoʊvərˈhɔːl]
释义:make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to 彻底翻修、检查、修订,全面改革

To overhaul is to completely renovate, making major changes in order to repair. A few shutters and a new coat of paint won’t come close to fixing that old, boarded-up house — it needs a complete overhaul.

Back in the 1620s when the word was coined, overhaul described examining a fishing net to make sure there were no tears or big holes that would keep the fisherman from getting a big haul, or large amount of fish. Today, an overhaul is usually the result of such a close examination — like the overhaul that some people want to make to American public schools, or the overhaul an old car needs to keep it on the road.

I wanna overhaul the entire engine.

We need a complete overhaul.

The SCC was completely overhauled

You need to do a complete lifestyle overhaul.