释义: Obligatory describes something you do because you have to, not because you want to. 必须的,义务的,强制的,强迫的(有时候有可能是不情愿的);
近义词: [bounden]

morally obligatory

[compulsory], [mandatory], [required]

required by rule

[de rigueur]

required by etiquette or usage or fashion


set forth authoritatively as obligatory

[incumbent on]

morally binding or necessary




required as a prior condition or course of study


absolutely essential

第二个意思是 礼节性的,习惯性的,随大溜的,赶时髦的。

He didn’t touch me much, except for that one obligatory kiss.

I laugh, but it’s more of an obligatory laugh than a real one.

Well, it’s your birthday. Cake is obligatory.

My, um… my obligatory cultural activity is a girl.